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Visits & Excursions

“Out here it’s all earth and sky. Reconnect with the basics of life”

Visits and Excursions are must, especially for students. They have a great educational value. Apart from educating students and exposing them to various experiences, it is a great means of recreation. Travelling expands your horizon and school life cannot be complete without the fun of educational tours and excursions.

That’s why, we organise tours and expeditions on a frequent intervals to make students think out of the box. Encourage them to explore and what lies beyond the four walls of the school and help them gain confidence to take on the outside world.

Educational Trip To Post Office

Students of Class IX embarked on an educational trip to the post office where they not only learned about its daily operations but also gained insights into various financial services and schemes offered. They explored how the post office facilitates communication and logistics, and discovered its role in promoting financial literacy through savings schemes, recurring deposits, and other financial products aimed at encouraging small savings among the public. The trip provided them with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted services of the post office.

An Exciting day for students at the Kiran Nadar Art Museum

On July 9th, 2024, our students procured an incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in art and creativity during a hands-on workshop and museum tour. The enriching experience allowed them to explore artistic expressions and broaden their cultural horizons. Here's a glimpse of experience which fostered a love for art and lifelong learning!"

Learning Adventures at the RAIL MUSEUM

At BBPS we believe in hands-on learning experiences that captivate young minds and ignite their curiosity. That's why we recently organized an exciting excursions to the Rail Museum for our nursery to grade 2 students! 🔍 **Exploring History, Present, and Future:** Our little explorers were taken on a journey through time as they discovered the fascinating world of railways. From vintage locomotives to cutting-edge technology, they got to witness the past, present, and future of rail transportation up close. 🚂 **Chook-Chook Fun:** The highlight of the trip? A thrilling ride aboard the toy train! The excitement and wonder on their faces as they chugged along were priceless, making memories that will last a lifetime. 📸 **Check out our photo gallery to catch a glimpse of the smiles and excitement from our Rail Museum adventures!** #LearningThroughExploration #RailwayAdventure #HandsOnLearning #SchoolExcursion #MemorableMoments 🚆


The students and mentor teachers of Bal Bhavan Public School received an empowering opportunity to mark their presence at the CBSE SKILL EXPO 2023-Facilitating school to work transition wherein the focus was on pushing the envelope for skill based learning.

The school’s stall setup was inclusive of a gamut of such themes like #artificialintelligence,best out of waste,#21stcenturylearning Skills,#sustainabledevelopmentgoals etc.

A moment of pride was felt with dignitaries Sh Joseph Emmanuel Sir ( Director of Academics , CBSE) , Secretary of Education, Ministry of Education Sh Sanjay Kumar, Chairman Smt Nidhi Chibber gracing the occasion amongst many other eminent personalities.

We would like to extend our thanks to Director of Skill, Sh Biswajit Saha, Secretary Sh RP Singh & CBSE for this incredible opportunity which has enhanced the learning curve of skill education for all the students and mentor teachers across various schools.

Picnic at Playbox Noida

"Every picnic is a chance to create beautiful memories."Food, friends, and fun–the perfect ingredients for a perfect picnic!And what can be better than having a picnic and enjoying our most favourite things.Students of Pre-primary thoroughly enjoyed their picnic at Playbox Noida.It was quite evident from the excitement and happiness on their face that they are not only enjoying today but they are creating memories for a lifetime.

The National Education Policy (NEP) Exhibition at Pragati Maidan

Embracing the NEP 2020: Igniting a new era of educational transformation and growth!

Students,Parents and Teachers of Bal Bhavan Public School witnessed, The National Education Policy (NEP) Exhibition held at Pragati Maidan showcasing the significant advancements and reforms in the education sector in line with the new NEP 2020. On 30th July 2023, It was a demonstration of the transformative changes in India's education sector. It showcased the paradigm shift from rote learning to holistic education, with a strong emphasis on technology integration and flexible learning pathways. The exhibition underlined the importance of nurturing individuals equipped with critical thinking and vocational skills. With its focus on inclusive and quality education, it aimed to shape a brighter and more prosperous future for India's next generation.


The educational excursion to ISRO, SHAR Sriharikota, Mahabalipuram, and Pondicherry was truly unforgettable for the students of Bal Bhavan Public School. From witnessing the Chandrayaan 3.0 Rocket Launch to exploring picturesque locations, it was an enriching and thrilling experience. This educational excursion has left a lasting impression on our students, fueling their passion for exploration and knowledge.

Rocksports Mussoorie

The 2 nights and 3 Days trip to Mussoorie… was filled with excitement… experiment and experience… 3days without mobile phones… when children actually experienced life.. engaging themselves in recreational activities… which helped them appreciate nature and prepare themselves for challenges and tough Life… Rocksports Mussoorie held from 18th May, 2023 night to 22nd Morning… was a memorable experience for kids with exciting ventures… like rockclimbing, rappelling, rivertrekking, GorillaWarfare… exciting games and opportunities to experience their learning.

Exhibition of School to Startup held at Pragati Maiden commemorating the National Technology Week 2023

Students of Bal Bhavan Public School visited the Exhibition of School to Startup held at Pragati Maiden commemorating the National Technology Week 2023 wherein students got the opportunity to witness the huge display of models and exhibits showing the inclusion of technology in various sectors and departments. It was an enriching and informative experience for the students.

National Science Center & Muesuem of Illusion

"Be excited to learn new things and expand your mind to add growth in your life" . Students of class III visited the "Museum of illusion and National Science Centre, Delhi ". It was a thrilling and fun filled experience as they enjoyed a lot with mirror illusi ons as well as games based on science. They explored the wide and amazi ng world which gave them new and adventurous experiences . Here are some glimpses of the same.

Visit to Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya

Studying history helps us understand how events in the past made things the way they are today.

VI Block of Bal Bhavan Public School got an opportunity to visit Pradhanmantri Sangrahalayalaya where they connected with the country's past and explored the legacy of our Prime Ministers and the impact of our enriched history in our present and future. Also, the use of augmented reality has left a deep impression in the minds of young children.

World's largest clock assembly and display event at Indira Gandhi Stadium

"We have a single mission: to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation."

Bal Bhavan Public School students visited Indira Gandhi Stadium, Delhi to celebrate #WorldEarthDay on 22 April 2023. Our students attended the world's largest clock assembly and display event. The initiative had been organized by Energy Swaraj in collaboration with Atal Innovation Mission ( NITI Aayog ) & All India Council for Technical Education and was set to serve as a powerful reminder of the pressing need to tackle climate change – the greatest challenge of our time.

A Visit To National Museum

The school in an endeavor to stimulate holistic learning and knowledge of our varied cultural heritage conducted an experiential learning tour to the National Museum for Painting students of classes XI and XII.

At the museum, the students gained a better perspective about the exhibits of the various galleries displaying Indian Miniature Paintings and jewelry of Harappan Civilization, Early Medieval Art, Late Medieval Art etc. The art forms presented were captivating and inspiring. The students were charmed with the artists' narration behind each work which made it more stimulating and significant to them. There were also various activities like making traditional necklaces, playing traditional games, and painting in traditional stylea delight for these art enthusiasts.

On the whole, it was an educational experience for the students and offered them a much-required glimpse into the world of historical art of India and motivating these budding artists.

Visit to Kidzania

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." Children learn as they play, keeping this in mind the school has organised a #funfilled excursion for the little munchkins of class I and II. Students went to #Kidzania, where they indulged themselves in various activities and got #handsonexperiences. They explored the wide and amazing world, which gave them new experiences of the real world. Students performed the role of fire fighters, police officers, dentists, delivery personals, radio jockey, singers etc. They also made doughnuts, kinder joy, frooti, pizza etc. on their own. All the activities offered a truly unique experience and an interactive learning opportunity for all the kids.

Visit to National Zoological Park

Bal Bhavan Public School organized a visit to “National Zoological Park”, New Delhi for the students of grade VII to witness the release of White Tiger Cubs.

The zoo is home to about 1350 animals representing almost 130 species of animals and birds from around the world. The students were elated to witness the animals and birds out from their books.

The students spent enjoyable hours at the zoo with some cherished moments and memories.

Visit to Dr B R Ambedkar International Center

Students of class IX and X visited the 2nd Vivekanand Sustainability Summit held at BR Ambedkar International centre on 12.04.2022. The summit had a thorough discussion on various Sustainability Themes by prominent speakers. The themes included Himalayan Sustainability, Green Hydrogen, Transport Sustainability, Global Challenges and Sustainable Agriculture.

Visit to National Science Center

Students of class XI and XII got an amazing opportunity to attend a panel discussion on the topic Eat better End Superbugs organised by National Science centre .Main points of discussion were impact of antibiotic resistance on humans health and ways by which we can stop the rise of superbugs.

Picnic in National Zoological Park

Happiness is going out on a picnic!!

With an objective to sensitize little ones about animal kingdom and various existence species, pre-primary children were taken for the field trip to National Zoological Park. The most exciting thing for the little ones was to see various animals so closely and It helped them to co-relate the concepts they had been learning with real life experience. Tiny tots were so excited and curious to explore more about the animals.

#picnictime #bbpsmv #learningisfun #zoo #experientiallearning

Visit to Dr. Ambedkar International Center

‘Artificial Intelligence is the future and the future of things is here.’

The students of Bal Bhavan Public School visited Dr. Ambedkar International Center to attend a session on integrating AI and tinkering. Bringing the power of tinkering and AI together to take forward the pilot programme with full enthusiasm.Together as co-learners in this journey of tinkering we pave the path to learn more about AIoT integration in school.

Visit to Local Police Station

Provide the pupils an environment to experience and learn,, and experience is such of a nature as to demand pondering and learning naturally”.

Our prodigies were honoured to be a part of an excursion to a nearby police station in East Delhi. As an integral part of the #educational tour, our students gained knowledge about the categories of the arms our forces keep and their function.

SHO of the police station, Sh. Arun Kumar along with his team purposefully engaged our students in #experientiallearning which was a direct experience for #learners to gain. He also focused on the reflections of the discussion held, in order to increase our students’ knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values.

Skill Expo at G D Goenka Public School , Agra organised by CBSE

As it is widely said, your knowledge may help you win hearts, but it is your skill which helps you run your life.

Our young prodigies got a golden opportunity to display this perspective at The #skillexpo organised by #CBSE at GD Goenka Public School, Agra. Our students exhibited various models, projects and artifacts prepared by students of our school under various skill subjects offered such as #massmedia, #financialmarketingManagement, #entrepreneurshipship, #artificialintelligence, #IT and Early Childhood Care Education (#ECCE).

The event was graced by the presence of Dr. Biswajit Saha Director, Training & Skill Education, CBSE, Dr. Swati Gupta, Deputy Secretary, Skill Unit, CBSE and Mr. S.P. Singh Baghel, Minister of State for Law and Justice, Government of India.

The key focus of our exhibit at the EXPO was on NEP 2020 that highlights the importance of incorporating skill subjects in the school curriculum in order to achieve the goals of self reliant India.

Exploring the Legacy of our Prime Ministers

Bal Bhavan Public School organised an excursion trip to Pradhanmatri Sangrahalaya, for the students of Class IX.

The Sangrahalaya displays a comprehensive and balanced perspective on the post-independence history of India. The healthy mix of the latest technology and historic artefacts has impressed one and all. The use of augmented reality and virtual reality has created an enthralling experience of its cutting-edge technology-based content. This inclusive endeavour is also aimed at sensitizing the younger generation to the leadership role of all the Indian Prime Ministers.

The trip’s objective was to expand students’ knowledge about the rich political history and institutional legacy of the architects of India’s past, present and future. Our learners also gained a comprehensive understanding of the working composition and historical/ political relevance of the post of Prime Minister. At the place, they got the opportunity to learn about the Experiential learning of concepts.

Trip to Chail

An adventure camp was organised by Bal Bhavan Public School at Chail, Shimla Hills, in the lap of mother nature, from 22May’22 to 25May’22 for the students of classes 6 to 12 in collaboration with Great Rocksport Pvt. Ltd. The students indulged in a gamut of activities such as Scrambling, Zip Line, Samba, Mountain biking, Trekking, cooking and many other camp activities with full zest and enthusiasm. A Night trek in the jungle was a bone-chilling experience and to soothe the young minds, the camp also offered a bonfire with light music. This camp culminated with a much awaited Prize Distribution and DJ Dance performance.

Students were so enthralled and enamoured by the adventurous camp that they were reluctant to leave the camp premises. But as the saying goes that “All good things come to an end”, so did this camp with a learning of new skills and experiences.

(A) Oh Max

(B) ISRO Trip Chennai

(C) Trip to Nehru Planetorium

(D) Trip to Jim Corbett

(E) Trip to Amar Jyoti School

(F) Trip to Agra

(G) Dayventure at Muddy Boots

(H) Visit to President’s House to greet Mr. Ram Nath Kovind

(I) Visit to Parliament House & Mother Dairy Plant & HT Media Ltd.

(J) Voyage educatif au National Science Centre

(K) Visit to Indira Gandhi Memorial

(L) Picnic to Kidzania