Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar

Students Council

“Service with pride, Lead with confidence, Inspire to impact lives.”

Team Bal Bhavan believes that every student have a valuable contribution in the operations of the school and this is also part of their learning. Every year School unveil its “Student Council” consist of 32 promising student heads allocated with a series of duties & responsibilities. Council provides opportunity to students to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organisational skills which will be of benefits to them in their future lives.

Students Council (2023-24)
Position Student Name Class
Council Heads
Head Girl Khushboo XII E
Head Boy Dhruv Rawat XII A
Deputy Head Girl Sharanya Bisht XII E
Deputy Head Boy Surya Thakur XII A
House Captain
Jagriti House Captain Prachi Gill XII E
Nirman House Captain Ashish XII B
Pragati House Captain Yuvani Singh XII B
Prerna House Captain Manminder Singh XII C
House Vice Captains
Jagriti House Vice Captain Aryan Singh XI A
Nirman House Vice Captain Anshika Mishra XII F
Pragati House Vice Captain Kaashvi XI E
Prerna House Vice Captain Yashasvi Awasthi XI C
Cultural Heads
Cultural Secretary Ashka XII A
Deputy Cultural Secretary Harshit Kandpal X A
Sports Heads
Sports Secretary Ansh XII B
Deputy Sports Secretary Ishpreet Singh Khanuja X A
Innovation Ambassador
Innovation Ambassador Aarush Kumar X B
Innovation Ambassador Aarush Mishra X A
Sdg Ambassador
Sdg Ambassador Nikhil Choubey X A
Sdg Ambassador Lakshita Raj IX A
Performing Arts Society Heads
Captain Performing Arts Society Nehal Rohilla XI D
Vice Captain Performing Arts Society Vidisha Tripathi IX C
Class Representatives
Class Representative XII Divya/ Bhoomi XII E
Class Representative XI Vihaan Jain/ Vrinda Gupta XI C/ XI D
Class Representative X Aditi Arunima/ Krish X A/ XD
Class Representative IX Kartikeya Pant/ Adista IX A
House Prefects
Prefect Jagriti House Aayush Gupta VIII A
Prefect Nirman House Tareef Singh Bisht VIII A
Prefect Pragati House Shubh Purwar VIII A
Prefect Prerna House Aradhya Sajwan VIII A
Students Council (2022-23)
Position Student Name Class
Head Boy Keshav Suyal XII C
Head Girl Gauri Wadehra XII E
Deputy Head Boy Aniket Anand XII C
Deputy Head Girl Tanishka XII B
House Captain
Pragati House Khyati Sharma XII A
Nirman House Noyonikaa Soni XII E
Prerna House Soumya Agarwal XII C
Jagriti House Mehak Tripathi XII E
Vice Captain
Pragati House Aayush Gupta X A
Nirman House Khushboo XI E
Prerna House Manminder Singh XI D
Jagriti House Khushi Jha XI B
Cultural Secretary Girl Ishaanvi Singhal XII E
Cultural Secretary Boy Sachin Kumar XII F
Sports Secretary Lakshita Rawat XII E
Sports Secretary Piyush Kumar Singh XII A
Innovation Ambassador Pranav Aggarwal X A
Innovation Ambassador Nehal Rohilla X A
Prefect Adista Sharma VIII C
Prefect Lakshita Raj VIII A
Prefect Shubh VIII C
Prefect Kartikeya Pant VIII B
Class Representative XII Disha Chawla XII C
Class Representative XI Sharanya Bisht XI F
Class Representative X Sakshya Ahlawat X A
Students Council (2019-20)
Designation Boy Girl
Head Boy/ Girl Yatharth Bisht Diksha Kushwaha
Deputy head Rachit Sharma Akanksha Rana
Sports Head Yash Madhwal -
Cultural Head - Yukta
Class Representative
Class IX Gauri Wadhera
Class X Janvi Bisht
Class XI Tanish Kakkar
Class XII Jatin Chauhan
House Captains
Jagriti House Captain Shalini
Pragati House Captain Yash Joshi
Nirman House Captain Ayushman Bari
Prerna House Captain Ryna Saxena
Jagriti House Vice-Captain Pratham Narula
Pragati House Captain Samikcha
Nirman House Vice-Captain Soumyashree Biswal
Prerna House Vice-Captain Chhavi Chauhan
Jagriti House Prefects Sharanya Bisht
Pragati House Prefects Surya Thakur
Nirman House Khushboo
Prerna House Prefects Aarna Ghosh
Council Leaders
Session Head Boy Head Girl
2013-14 Palash Zokarkar Arpita Jaiswal
2014-15 Rakshit Tiwari Sakshi Varshney
2015-16 Suryansh Saini Ayushi Khanna
2016-17 Aditya Sardana Kanishka Rohilla
2017-18 Sanchit Gupta Akanksha Mishra
2018-19 Bhavya Chandna Muskan Malhotra
2019-20 Yatharth Bisht Diksha Kushwaha