Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar

International Dimension

Session with the students and teachers of Taichung Junior High School, Taiwan.

‘Learning is a process where knowledge is presented to us, then shaped through understanding, discussion and reflection.’ - Paulo Freire

Yet another #international #collaboration session with the students and teachers of Taichung Junior High School, Taiwan. It was a remarkable experience as students from both the schools shared their learning experiences towards making this Earth a better place focusing upon the #sustainabledevelopmentgoals. Such interactive online meets enhances communication which peeps into the young minds.

Principal Mr. Vividh Gupta was invited as a delegate at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris for Celebrating Inclusion in Education

A matter of great #pride for Bal Bhavan Public School as our Principal Mr. Vividh Gupta was invited as a delegate at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris for Celebrating #InclusionInEducation: The Salamanca Anniversary and the Global Inclusive Schools’ Forum.

The Forum served as not only a think tank for educators across the globe to discuss on pertinent issues but also gave our Principal the opportunity to represent the #ethos and #ideologies Bal Bhavan Public School holds for #inclusivity in education and the practices we follow to ensure that we stand to justify.


The arena of Bal Bhavan Public School was brimming with excitement as we got the effervescent opportunity to indulge in an invigorating interaction and were graced by the eminent presence of Mr.Tashi Namgyal, Director, Ministry of Education,Bhutan and Mr Sherman Phuntshok,Chief Program Officer,Ministry of Education,Bhutan, accompanied by Mr.Prashant from UNESCO.

The visit was aimed at starting an open dialogue and discussing the #practices aimed at School #Health and #WellBeing and how it is being elevated in the school and the host of steps and activities it has integrated in its curricular and #cocurricular framework as well as understanding the Novel practices in the education arena of Bhutan to facilitate an enthralling cross country #exchange of ideologies in the schooling system.

Cultural Box Exchange with Bongdam High School, South Korea

Once more a successful cultural Box Exchange was curated between students of Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar and Bongdam High School, South Korea. Students exchanged souvenirs and eatables from their respective countries and shared delights of knowing each other’s country and cultures.

The 54th World School Children's Art Exhibition of The Republic of China

Brimming with immense joy and pride, we are elated to announce that our students participated in The 54th World School Children's Art exhibition organised by Taiwan Embassy in the month of March-2023, an international level Art Contest, and the art work of 4 of our budding artists was recognised. Harjot Kaur won a silver medal for her painting titled "Women Education". Paintings by Rishit Yadav, Dhanvi and Bhumika Negi made it to the selected list of best works of art. We Congratulate our talented artists and hope for many more similar accolades at the global level.

Cultural symphony with our friends at Taichung Phesin Jr. High School, Taiwan!

Diving deep into a resonant cultural symphony with our friends at Taichung Phesin Jr. High School, Taiwan!

On the 17th of October, our enthusiastic students from grades 6-8 embarked on a truly enriching journey of #culturalexchange. From the vivacious traditions of Durga Puja, Navratri, and #dussehra to the mesmerizing glow of #Diwali, the virtual meet-up unfolded as a captivating kaleidoscope of Indian festivities.

Our Indian traditions came to life on screens as we guided our Taiwan friends through the art of lighting diyas, the soulful tunes of Diwali songs, and the profound essence of our celebrations. It was more than just a meeting; it was a heartwarming experience of cultural fusion, leaving us grateful for the newfound connections that illuminated our virtual space. Gratitude to our friends in Taiwan for embracing and celebrating the vibrant richness of Indian culture with us!

9th International Yoga Day With Foreign Friends

International Yoga Day-2023, had been truly incredible with our friends from various nations joining us for the yoga session. We are grateful to Governor lyceum school, Siberia, Russia, Taichung Beixin Jr. High School, Taiwan, Zhuqi Elementary School, Taiwan, Bongdam High School, South Korea, for becoming the part of the session. It was pleasure receiving them and teaching them yoga postures. India being world Guru for initiating International Yoga Day, takes pride on its ancient vedic practice of connecting mind body and soul.

Visit to Taiwan For Cultural Exchange

Climbing another pedestal in our bid for cultural exchange and international collaborations, the Principal of Bal Bhavan Public School. Mr Vividh Gupta partook in a visit to Taiwan, courtesy Ministry of Education,Taiwan & Taipei Economic & Cultural Centre.

The visit aimed at exploring the education system of, and engaging in exchanges with the Taiwanese educators viz a viz immersive experiences, classroom observations etc.

It was an insightful and enriching experience to delve further into the Taiwanese schooling system by visits to Taipei Wenhua Elementary School, Taibei International Bilingual School, Taichung Municipal Wenhua Elementary School, and National Puli Industrial Vocational High School with key takeaways to implement in our own school setups.

Indo- Japan Education & Cultural Exchange Program

It was pleasure to receive our friends from Japan… 17 students & 2 Teachers of BUNKA GAKUEN UNIVERSITY SUGINAMI JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Tokyo, Japan for Education and culture Exchange. The day had been enriching while we shared our respective education patterns and cultures in form of presentations. The students engaged in interactions while touring the school Campus. We thank our Japanese friends and look forward to many more such interactions.

Session with students of Zhuqi Elementary School, Chiayi county, Taiwan

The students of class V got an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the students of Zhuqi Elementary School, Chiayi county, Taiwan. The students got to learn about the Lunar New year celebrated in Taiwan and also shared about India’s diverse new year celebrations. Through an interactive presentation, video, Q&A as well as game, the young Bal Bhavanites learnt about their customs, traditions, food, dances and a lot more.

Greet Session with students and teachers of our Partner School Taichung Beixin Junior High School, Taiwan

Some glimpses from the interactive Greet Session with students and teachers of our Partner School Taichung Beixin Junior High School, Taiwan. It was a delightful learning experience for our students being part of the session. Students from both schools shared information about the culture and tradition in their respective countries and also shared their feelings of love and pride for the school. The interaction was fruitful and culminated with exchange of Diwali greetings.

Yoga with our Foreign friends

It was a pleasure to celebrate International Yoga Day with our friends from Taiwan and South Korea. India being world Guru, we Indians took pride in teaching various yoga postures to students from our partner schools- Zhuqi Elementary School from Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan and Taichung Beixin High School, Taiwan and Shinsung High School, Seoul, South Korea. We are obliged for their cooperation and coordination.

A relishing treat to Understand Korean Culture…

Class V and VI students visited Korean culture Centre The visit to Korean culture centre had been a gripping experience for a few students of class V and VI, wherein they got an opportunity to understand more about Korean language, culture, customs, art and architecture and cuisine.

The visit to KCC (Korean Culture Centre) was undertaken by students on 21st April, 2022, wherein the students were accompanied by school teachers. It was an exciting venture with opportunity to dive into the Korean culture, understanding the origin of its language, students were engrossed into activities like playing Korean musical instruments, trying out Korean attires, learning a few aspects of Tae- Kwon- do, diving into Korean literature, and tasting the Korean cuisine. The students were elated to learn the Korean greeting gestures and were delighted to have this experience.

International Collaboration

Memorandum of Understanding signed between Taichung Beixin High School, Taiwan and Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar Ph-II

Yet another exciting venture had been the International Collaboration school engaged itself with Embassy of Taiwan, wherein we will now be collaborating with Taichung Beixin Junior High School, Taiwan, for next three years, engaging ourselves in various learning opportunities. The event had been an enthralling experience where the school Principal visited the Embassy of Taiwan for the MOU signing ceremony. The elaborated ceremony was attended by 26 School -from India and the schools from Taiwan joined Virtually , where the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ was signed between schools to collaborate into cultural and educational exchange programs .

The school Principal- Mr. Vividh Gupta signed the MOU with Taichung Beixin Junior High School, Taiwan, in the presence of Ambassador of Taiwan- Mr. Baushuan Ger and Education director of Taipei Economy and Culture Center Mr. Peter Chen.

Mapping the virtual world

Touring and Travelling is always fun, and interactions and communications with people world around all the more interesting. This year may be a year of Pandemic for rest of the world, however for the students and educators around the world this year was an experience never before. From Virtual classes to the virtual schools, virtual events and great technical niches being created, everything had been a new and innovative experience for all students and educators.

On the whole it changed the concept of education and gave it a new definition. Yet another exclusive experience that schools around the world explored and ventured was interacting with the students, educators and schools across the nations; sharing cultures and education world amongst students around the world. Few of our school teachers and students too undertook this experience through online sessions through Microsoft Teams and through Skype and grabbed an opportunity to interact with students and educators of different nations and thus travelled a certain miles virtually. For students it was a delightful and learning experience. For teachers it had been all the more a new experience and a technical advancement. Our students sought an opportunity to interact with students and educators of South Korea, Siberia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, in which they shared their cultures and learning during the Pandemic.

Overseas Education Exchange Program

8th Toyama Science Symposium "Next gen scientists, side by side to break new grounds !

Bal Bhavanites gave presentation in overseas education exchange program. The presentation was titled Electricity generation through roadside using semiconducting material. This symposium was organised by Toyama High School, Japan. Total 6 Asian Schools shared their presentation in the subjects ranging from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. It was more than just a regular conference as students got the opportunity to exchange their scientific ideas through short talks and presentations.

Making the most of virtual mode of knowledge exchange, that transcends all barriers , our students stepped up a notch and partook in Toyama Japan symposium.

They illustrated their project on the topic of "Assistive AR Glasses for people with Hearing Disabilities".

This was one of many credible initiatives and projects that our students are putting forth under the aegis of ATAL Tinkering.

We are delighted to share our experience of meeting students from Governor Lyceum School, Tomsk, Siberia, Russia in a virtual session where we collaborated and exchanged food recipes… and shared the health benefits of Indian Meals… our students were delighted in sharing the variants and different versions of Russian Pancakes eaten in India with a little difference in ingredients and names. Sharing with you all a few pictures of our experience.

Strengthening the cord of our international ties, Bal Bhavan has now taken a leap with the initiation of its Cultural Exchange Program with Korean schools, in collaboration with the 'Korean embassy'. As part of the initiative, the school's Edu Leader, Principal Mr. Vividh Gupta became part of 'Indian School's Principal's Seminar' held on 23rd December, 2021 at Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI). Promoting the spirit of Global Citizenship and collaboration, this event marked institution's commitment to the future of Global Unification, embracing diversity at large and coming together for Global issues.

Cultural Box Exchange Program

Setting foot into international terrain, we saw our enthusiastic Bal Bhavanites participate in a one-of-a-kind “Cultural Box Exchange” with Shinsung High School ,Seoul, South Korea, headed by the Principal Mr. Cho Dongho. The activity had the students of our school exchange culturally representative souvenirs with the South Korean School, which was opened amidst a lot of enthusiasm . It contained amongst other items , personalised post cards written to our students from their South Korean counterparts ! The cultural box acted as a bridge to connect our wide eyed children with a diverse culture and enhance their knowledge!

School’s International Policy

The foundation of the school was laid on the principles of ‘Goodness before Greatness’ and tutoring the young progressing minds of next generation with the ethics of universal peace, cooperation and hope of a society based on sustainable development. The Management and the staff understand the need of the era, where world need to progress globally, thinking about the world at large and taking measures to incorporate love and tolerance amongst individuals.

(A) Our Aims

  • To promote and strengthen understanding of significant and sustainable issues at the local, regional and global levels and enhance awareness of different customs and cultures related to the same.
  • To incorporate internationalism in the curriculum and provide students the opportunity to fully understand the extent and sustainability of a global dimension to a curriculum.
  • To transform the young minds into universally acclaimed individuals who are triggered with the thinking capacities which counterpart and embed nationwide developmental strategies.
  • To work towards conservation of resources, preservation of nature, thereby making the earth a cleaner and greener place to live in and to motivate students to develop as individuals and as members of the world at large, taking responsibility for themselves and the environment.

(B) Objectives

  • To acquaint our prodigies with the universal issues and concerns and channelize their energies towards the development based on the concept of sustainable development.
  • To draft and design the school curriculum based upon the themes of global concerns, religious and ethnic tolerance.
  • To guide and direct students towards the fulfilment of school’s aims and objectives.
  • To transverse learning based on practical, preservative, progressive and developmental goals.
  • To develop collaborated curricular works with an international dimension that will help create global citizens with a balanced outlook

(C) Our Rationale

Considering the fact that the world today has condensed into a global village, where nations take decisions regarding the issues concerning the world and the planet at large, our efforts are directed towards making our students well connected to various international activities and transform them into educated global citizens through our accumulated experience of developmental education and internationalism, and thus creating an international understanding and peace in society and the world so that the world becomes a more compassionate place for all.