Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar


Welcome to our Special Education Cell – ‘Samanvay’

At Bal Bhavan Public School, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusivity where all learners, including those with special needs, feel valued and supported in their educational journey. ‘Samanvay’ serves as a dedicated platform to address the unique needs of children and promote inclusivity in our school community.


Samanvay’ envisions a school environment where every child, regardless of their abilities or challenges, has equal access to education and support. Through advocacy, awareness, and collaboration, we strive to create a culture of acceptance and inclusivity that celebrates the diversity of our student body.

Objectives of Samanvay Cell

1. Supporting Children with Special Needs: The primary objective of the cell is to provide comprehensive support and resources for children with special needs. We are committed to creating an inclusive learning environment where every child can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

2. Promoting Inclusivity and Sensitization: The cell periodically organizes sensitization programmes and awareness campaigns to promote inclusivity and educate the school community about the unique challenges faced by children with special needs. By fostering empathy and understanding, we aim to create a more inclusive and supportive school environment for all students.

3. Advocating for Mental Health: In addition to supporting children with special needs, ‘Samanvay’ aims at promoting good mental health for all its students. Mental health is a fundamental aspect of overall well-being, and we are committed to providing resources and support to help students, teachers, and staff establish resilience and cope with challenges effectively.

Our Approach to Inclusive Education

Empowered team of Experts: Our team of trained psychologists and educators is devoted to tailoring support that meets the unique needs of each child. Through their expertise, they create an environment where children feel secure to explore, learn, and grow. By understanding the individual challenges and strengths of each student, they provide personalized guidance and interventions that foster emotional well-being and academic success. With their dedication, they cultivate a sense of belonging and empowerment, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to flourish in our inclusive educational community.

Workshops, Seminars, Parents’ Orientation, and Teachers’ Training: Through a comprehensive approach, we organize various workshops and seminars featuring renowned speakers to promote inclusivity and provide guidance on supporting children with special needs. These events not only serve as platforms for parents, teachers, and students to learn and exchange ideas but also facilitate parent orientation sessions to empower parents with knowledge and resources to support their child's educational journey. Additionally, we prioritize teacher training programs to equip educators with the skills and tools necessary to create inclusive learning environments. By engaging parents and teachers in our efforts, we ensure a collaborative and supportive approach to inclusive education that benefits all students.

Early screening and identification of disability amongst students: We are committed to providing inclusive education for all students. Screening through Prashast Checklist, divided into Part-1 and Part-2 wherein, Part-1 allows regular teachers to perform initial screenings using objective-type items, while Part-2 enables special educators and school heads to conduct a second level screening and tentatively list disabilities in accordance with the 21 categories recognized by the RPwD Act 2016. Our teachers, who spend maximum time with students, play a crucial role in observing and identifying any developmental differences, and they serve as reliable contacts for parents, facilitating further diagnosis and support for students' needs.

Accessible Infrastructure for All Students

At Bal Bhavan Public School, we are proud to provide an inclusive and accessible environment that caters to the diverse needs of all our students. Our commitment to accessibility extends across our entire campus, ensuring that every student can navigate our facilities comfortably and with dignity.

Ramps and Accessibility Features

School Entrance: Our school entrance is equipped with ramps to facilitate easy access for students with mobility challenges. These ramps are designed with gentle slopes and handrails to ensure safety and convenience for all students, staff, and visitors.

Classrooms and Common Areas: We have implemented accessibility features such as wide doorways, spacious corridors, and tactile paving to ensure smooth navigation throughout the campus. Our classrooms are designed to accommodate wheelchair users, with adjustable desks and seating arrangements to suit individual needs.

Wheelchair Accessibility: We understand the importance of providing students with mobility impairments access to essential facilities. That's why we offer wheelchair-friendly amenities throughout the campus, including designated parking spaces, accessible elevators, and ramps leading to all floors.

Accessible Restrooms: We recognize the importance of providing accessible restroom facilities for students with special needs. Our school is equipped with accessible toilets designed to accommodate students with mobility impairments, complete with grab bars, adjustable sinks, and other accessibility features.

Medical Room and Support Services

Fully Equipped Medical Room: The health and well-being of our students are paramount. Our school features a fully equipped medical room staffed by trained medical professionals to provide immediate assistance and support to students in need. We also have arrangements for medical emergencies and first aid supplies readily available.

Support Services: In addition to medical support, we offer a range of support services for students with special needs, including counselling, therapy, and personalized assistance. Our team of dedicated professionals works closely with students, parents, and teachers to ensure that every student receives the support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Resource Room: We have established a resource room named as Inclusive Education Hub (IEH), providing a barrier-free access to educational and resource support services for Children With Special Needs (CWSN). Here, students receive individualized and group teaching, as well as scaffolding instructions to aid those struggling in regular classes. Through peer sensitization activities, we foster empathy and understanding, while also offering a supportive environment and remediation for children with sensory impairments. By ensuring access to the IEH, we uphold our commitment to inclusivity, enabling every child to thrive and reach their full potential.

Empowering Learners Through Events

Art Integration in Education: By integrating art into education, we offer students a chance to explore interdisciplinary connections, express their perspectives, and engage with peers. Activities such as Art, painting, dance, music and so on, showcase not only artistic talents but also foster creativity, communication, and inclusivity, promoting holistic learning and personal growth.

Science & technology: Through hands-on science activities, students at our school's ATL lab delve into the world of science and technology, showcasing their innovation and problem-solving abilities. This inclusive approach ensures that all students can participate and excel, fostering a diverse and collaborative learning environment.

Sports Events: Through sports events, we harness the power of athletics to unite and empower students, promoting teamwork and camaraderie in an inclusive environment that welcomes and supports all individuals.

Yoga and Fitness Sessions: Our yoga sessions promote mental well-being and mindfulness, equipping students with tools to manage stress and enhance overall well-being.