Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar


Today, education is one of the most dynamic and volatile arenas undergoing reforms and adaptations to meet the contemporary needs and expectations. Thus, at Bal Bhavan we work with meticulous designs for age-appropriate curricular blueprints catering to a child’s intellectual and cognitive growth. Governed with the ideology to foster the foundational characteristics, our institution has gained a strong foothold in redefining the conventional pedagogic approach. However, the target is achieved in an optimistic air leading to the concept of “Happy Classrooms”, a primary goal for us.

“Transforming Challenges into opportunities”, is the ideology we go by. Our target approach triggers innovation and creativity, not merely in the form of theoretical postulations but practical ground realities. And to accomplish the said task we have delegated a professional team of mentors. Our team is groomed with the acumen of introducing academic versatility and diversity, and are motivated to explore, apply, adapt, refine and redefine. At each level this balance is worked out with the required skill sets for shaping 21st Century Global Citizens, at par with the world outside.