Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar

House System

At Bal Bhavan Public School the advantages of the house system has manifold. The houses provide not only an increased feeling of identity and belonging, they also provide students with a sense of tradition and abundant leadership opportunities. Bal Bhavan has seen a marked change in the attitude of students as a result of the establishment of the houses. Because of the competition and the identification of each student with a house, there is constant encouragement for students to do their best.

Pragati House

“There is only one growth strategy: Work hard”

– William Hague

We represent the spiritual and physical growth of the students through education, discipline and inculcate the leadership qualities. Growth is the key to wellbeing and success. If the students are physically, mentally and spiritually advanced, they are more able to deal with the challenges that life presents them. The students of Bal Bhavan Public School work regularly on bettering themselves as a person. Pragati House signifies that by prioritizing personal development, students can not only improve themselves, but they can also contribute in nation building.

Prerna House

“Beyond the sky, where hopes don’t die,We fly across the infinite, discovering mighty heights.”

It is true that difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations, We believe in staying passionately dedicated towards achieving our goals to tackle the hurdles even while we fall but stand again as defeat is yet another lesson of wisdom. We aim at shooting for the moon, even if we miss, we will at least land amongst the stars.

Nirman House

“We lay the foundation of dream to acknowledge the talent of young stream”

Nirman House signifies in providing foundation among the students not only with a sense of tradition and abundant leadership opportunities but also to give them an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment.

Jagriti House

“The best dream happens, when you are awake”

- Cherrie Gilderbloom

The house focuses to give its students the ability to be creative along with practical lines of endeavours and truly associate with the name "Jagriti”. The house is represented in Red colour which awakens energizes, excites the emotions and motivate all of us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination.

(A) Interhouse Sports Competition Results 2018-19

SN Sports Winner Runner-Up
1 Handball (Junior Boys) Jagriti House Prerna House
2 Handball (Junior Girls) Jagriti House Prerna House
3 Handball (Senior Boys) Jagriti House Nirman House
4 Football Tournament (Senior Girls) Prerna House Jagriti House
5 Football Tournament (Senior Boys) Jagriti House Nirman House
6 Football Tournament (Senior Girls) Prerna House Pragati House
7 Football Tournament (Junior Boys) Jagriti House Pragati House
8 Basket Ball (Senior Boys) Prerna House Jagriti House
9 Basket Ball (Senior Girls) Jagriti House Prerna House
10 Basket Ball (Junior Boys) Nirman House Pragati House
11 Basket Ball (Junior Girls) Prerna House Jagriti House
12 Volley Ball (Junior Boys) Jagriti House Pragati House
13 Volley Ball (Junior Girls) Nirman House Pragati House
14 Volley Ball (Senior Boys) Jagriti House Nirman House
15 Volley Ball (Senior Girls) Pragati House Prerna House
16 Hockey Tournament (Girls) Jagriti House Nirman House
17 Hockey Tournament (Boys) Nirman House Prerna House
18 Cricket Tournament (Junior Boys)) Prerna House Nirman House
19 Cricket Tournament (Senior Boys) Prerna House Jagriti House

(B) Interhouse Competition (2019-20)

SN Events Class Category Winner House
1 Volleyball VI-VIII Boys Jagriti house
2 Volleyball VI-VIII Girls Nirman house
3 Volleyball IX-XII Boys Nirman house
4 Volleyball IX-XII Girls Pragati House
5 Handball VI-VIII Boys Pragati House
6 Handball VI-VIII Girls Jagriti house
7 Handball IX-XII Boys Pragati House
8 Handball IX-XII Girls Prerna house
9 Basketball VI-VIII Boys Pragati House
10 Basketball VI-VIII Girls Prerna house
11 Basketball IX-XII Boys Nirman house
12 Basketball IX-XII Girls Prerna house
13 Football VI-VIII Boys Jagriti house
14 Football IX-XII Boys Jagriti house
15 Football VI-XII Girls Nirman house
16 Hockey VI-XII Boys Prerna house
17 Hockey VI-XII Girls -
18 Cricket VI-VIII Boys Prerna house
19 Cricket IX-XII Boys Jagriti house
20 Cricket VI-XII Girls Prerna house
Jagriti house