Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar

School Campus

Smart School Technology for Paramount Security

Technology can become the "wings" that will allow the educational world, to fly farther and faster than ever before - if we allow it. Bal Bhavan Public School is a progressive educational institution which believes in ensuring safety and security of every pupil of the school. In order to provide the guardian of students with the exact time update of their ward’s entry and exit at school, the school has incorporated RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology by replacing student I.D. card with Smart I.D. cards from the session 2019-20. These smart cards uniquely identify each student of the school by a computer generated number and all the students are tagged automatically by the sensors located at the school gate.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

“Sharing is good and with digital technology, sharing is easy” In the fast changing digital era, where education has moved leaps and bounds, it is not only about utilizing technology in education, it is also about sharing knowledge and information, communicating effectively, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is comprehensive school management software that brings all required features which play a vital role for the betterment of our young generation.

The ERP software and mobile application provided by the school is an endeavour to make communication meaningful and effective and have an interactive and collaborative partnership between school, students and parents. Mobile application can be downloaded for both iOS software as well as Android's devices. This has certain important features which will turn out to be boon for both students and parents.


A great reservoir of knowledge with exhaustive learning’. The Bal Bhavan Public School library is an active learning and resource centre for staff and students; imaginatively stocked with about 18000 titles that cover fiction and non-fiction in all genres and subjects. Spacious, comfortable and tranquil, the environment is that which encourages and stimulates reading. Library stocks are routinely updated with latest addition of the books.

Smart Classrooms

Computer aided teaching and learning with smart classes forms an essential part of schools, curriculum. Therefore, our classrooms are equipped with smart boards empowering students to step in with the latest technology. Smart classes not only provide child-centric teaching learning environment but is also a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers, thereby enhancing students academic performance.

Physics Lab

Physics lab provides a platform for the aspiring physiciststo seek answers to their inquisitiveness. Encompassing the mysteries of static friction while fighting with the air resistance and twirling in the coils of the magnetic field we aspire our young Newton and Galilei. Furnished with the most advanced apparatus our lab is an ideal place for booming experimentation. The place allows our students to stretch their imagination in developing a perception which could turn itself in such ideas that could be a game changer in terms of the modifying the face of the world.

Chemistry Lab

Synthesizing the chemical consciousness our chemistry lab is a balanced equation of modern equipment and budding chemists. We provide our students an appropriate environment to scrap their doubts, distill their questions and titrate their curiosities in the test tubes. Our school ensures a safe environment for the students while they deal with the fragile apparatus in the lab and work near the burner with the skilled staff of specialists, including the subject teachers and lab-assistants.

Biology Lab

Germinating the minute intricacies of life to pollinate the inquisitive minds of the students with the seeds of curiosity to explore the world beyond the visibleour biology lab serves an appropriate ambience for the students. Unwinding the thin fabrics of various species we try to develop observant characters. To facilitate unhindered exploration the lab consists of all modern equipment includingPowerful microscopes, permanent slides and large number of fixed and mobile biological models, museum specimen of diverse flora and fauna.

Sports Stadium

To fathom the intensity of passion one needs to establish a furrow of hard work, a mark which can germinate in future singing the story of might. Our school’s stadium is one such epic which was created with the vision of a legend named, Sh. G.C Lagan (founder chairman of the school).

The ground is a vision moving beyond the paradigm of mundane, providing the seating capacity of almost 3000, embellished with the smooth coat of tiger turf it is a model of absolute beauty. The stadium provides a platform for all possible sports ranging from athletic events to group events the stadium is a preferred choice for the organizers of various sports tournaments. In order to serve our students with unhindered experience the ground is installed with an under-ground water system which doesn’t allow the water to log on the surface for more than 15 minutes. The stadium thus is a vision of a visionary which symbolizes the spirit to move ahead.

Integrated Science Lab

In order to provide students with the glimpse of the wonders of science and to fuel their scientific aptitude, our integrated science lab is an appropriate junction. The lab is furnished with most modern apparatus catering to the skeptical minds. Fitted with all safety equipment and governed under the skilled hands,the lab is the first exposure of the young scientists to the inquisitive character, experimental precision and intellectual honesty. We diligently attend to individuals to inculcate perseverance and observation in the students.

Language Lab

Language is that painting brush which can create a canvas of our self. It helps us to define our perception and gain a depth of thought. While this society is fueled with the spark of skilled speakers our school aims upon carving those artists, who could express their thought with intense clarity. Our language lab aims upon developing the compendium of listening, speaking, reading and writing skill in our students.

Furnished with an advance audio-visual install, the lab is a platform for the students to interact in an intellectual manner and analyze themselves meaningfully. It is that wonderland where students could experience the wit of Antony, deceit of Cassius and the Valor of Caesar in front of their eyes. The lab provides apt arrangement for the students to present their projects while communicating them with their fellow mates in a manner where they can extrapolate.

Medical Room

A well equipped Medical Room with well qualified Nurse available during School hours to take care of students in case of an emergency.

Resource Room

Early childhood education focuses on child development through movement based learning. Unstructured play allows little wonders to build, imagine, experience, investigate, explore, create, observe, predict and use the senses. School is equipped with educational games room. They learn by involving themselves in various spatial awareness & games like Puzzles, Candy Large (colour recognition), Nuts & Bolts game to develop fine motor skills. Counting Street (Number game) etc.

Open Air Theatre

To identify and nurture the creative streak of every child the latest sound lighting equipment has been installed in the Open Air theatre of the school in order to make it well equipped for Drama and Theatre activities. Thus this gem of an outdoor space plays host to classic dramas, special assemblies, poetry, morning assembly and many culminating events.

Computer Lab

The school integrates Information and Communication technology into the curriculum, and thus provides the latest resources in this field. The school’s computer and communication network provides state-of-the-art computing facilities. The school has three fully equipped Computer Labs- Pre Primary, Junior and Senior labs.

The students from classes Pre-Nursery to XII have unlimited but monitored access to computers equipped with latest software and net accessibility. The department has qualified committed teachers to teach different classes at different levels and make continuous efforts to see that the students must get expertise in practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculum.


First day of tiny tots.Teary faces breaking into smiles when they realize that school can be fun too by entering the Dreamland of the school and enjoying fun filled rides, free interaction with their peers which gives the children yet another venue to broaden their horizons.


By communicating freely with the voice, face and body, children learn to express ideas with confidence, empathise with others from different cultures and backgrounds. Thus song, music and dance can help children become more imaginative and discover their inner sensibilities understanding such needs and to perfect the finer nuance dance rooms are cradled for highly accomplished mentors who dazzle everyone with variety of resources and latest equipments.


Music is a valuable resource that every child should enjoy. The school provides equitable access to music and all the benefits that can be gained through its learning. By promoting traditional music education, our aim is to foster an appreciation for music, build self-esteem, teach critical social skills and engender creativity and innovation. Music education in the school is well rounded including both Indian Classical and Western music. The genre of music ranges from Indian folks songs to English classical and fusion. By the end of a student’s school life, they can take pride in the treasure trove of music that they have learnt.

Hall Of Dreams

“Great dream of great dreamers are always transcended – APJ Abdul Kalam” School has introduced a well designed magnificent Hall equipped with latest sound & lightening technology to conduct various functions, competitions and many culminating events. Each wall of this hall sings the tales of our celebrations and happy moments, the glory of our past and also it’s a witness to our blazing present.

Atal Tinkering Laboratory

Keeping in mind the appetite for innovation and its pedagogy, School has been selected by NITI AAYOG to establish Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL). It is a work space where young minds give shape to their ideas through hands on do-it-yourself mode; and learn innovation skills. Now Bal Bhavanites have bigger canvas to ideate and learn innovations skills & technologies that will transform India. The lab is powered to acquaint students with state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D printers, robotics & electronics development tools, IoT & sensors etc. The lab activities are designed to spur the spark of creativity, and go beyond regular curriculum and textbook learning.

Mathematics Lab

Math can be fun and enjoyable in Math Lab, Our Math Lab is organised with stations of activities where the children individually or in groups may work simultaneously using commercial and teacher made aids. The materials are meant to be used both by the students on their own and with their teacher to explore the world of mathematics, to discover, to learn and to develop an interest in mathematics

Play Area

To enhance the motor and physical development of the students with an element of fun and frolic , the school has incorporated a play area with top of the line aspects , to its infrastructure for the tiny tots to channelise their vibrance and energy in the brightly coloured arena.

Mass Media Lab

The School's Mass Media Lab is well equipped with resource and facilities to nurture the young media aspirants, inspiring them towards journalism as careers and opening varied wings of opportunities the field offers. The school offers Mass Media Studies as a skill subject to class XI and XII graders, which is aimed under NEP 2020 and seeks to enhance and enrich the skills of young prodigies.

The lab consists of Croma setup, professional DSLR cameras, tripods, video editing software and guidance through a skilled Media coach.