Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar

Annual Events

Annual Art Exhibition

The event has been a reflective composition brought to us from our young minds trying to configure the idea that emphasis the revisit of the glorious journey of our country and contemplate on its diverse culture.

With a perspective of giving them a channel to ponder their thoughts in form of a beautiful and defined picture, the school organized the event triggering the pulsating opinions emerging in the minds of next generation to flow across inspiring the world.

Virtual Art Exhibition has been an inspiring epitome at Bal Bhavan, celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm ever since its inception. With the spark of igniting young minds and creating an intense connection of creativity, curiosity and excitement in its pupil and abundant overflowing ideas emerging, this event has so far been able to manifest its ideologies in the school curriculum.

ATL Tinker Fest

The intelligent use of science and technology are the tools to achieve a new direction and only those with creative capabilities have the power to change our present and future.

To preach and imbibe this Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar will be celebrates ATL interschool fest to reinforce the scientific temperament.

Annual Science Exhibition

“Equipped with our five senses, we explore the universe around us and we call the adventure Science.”

– Edwin Hubble

To quantify a scientific and creative attitude in young prodigies and to make them familiar with the affinity of science, innovation and technology in our day– to - day life, Annual Science Exhibition was organized. It was a remarkable experience as our young minds embarked on a mission to unveil the mysteries of science & innovation. They wondrously wove science & Mathematics and gave spectacular exhibits of functional models and informative live demonstrations, ultimately showcased the scientific temperaments of our young scientists.

Galaxia- Beyond The Horizon

An inter-school event celebrating the dew drops of immense creative skills, untouched by the harshness of social intellect and portrayed with genuine thought and creativity. It allows the young artists to stage their fresh perspectives declaring the infinite possibilities which a character holds within.

Thus the event ensures to provide platform to possibly every talent ranging from the glory of the poets to rhythmic beats of the drum sticks and dancing stars to the creations of the artists. In an attempt to spark the silent ashes the school has successfully accomplished this inspirational journey in the last two years stretching the paradigm beyond infinity and tickling this mad rush of life with the soothing touch of the diverse talents.

Sh. G. C. Lagan Athletic Meet

To achieve the zenith of victory one must forge oneself with hard-work and dedication. Sh. G.C. Lagan Memorial Inter-School Athletic meet is that spark which was nurtured under the grace of our honourable founder chairman sir Sh. G.C. Lagan.

This initiative is the vision of that courageous insight which sailed the ocean of challenges with the unique perception of courage and belief in self. Thus the event reflects its foundational principles in its true sense. The school has already accomplished its mark successfully with the two blaring meets. The event is a grand celebration of true sportsman spirit where one could establish the identity of one’s skill and character.