Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar

Green School

Terrace Garden

School has set up “Terrace Garden” which was started with a few pots of indigenous vegetables and has been expanded to more than 100 varieties of vegetables like Spinach, Zucchini, Brinjal, Beans, Bottle Gourds, Bitter Gourds, Pumpkin, Capsicum, Amaranth (Cholai) and Marwa (Medicinal Plant).

It has become the source of encouragement and is a window to introduce organic farming to students and sensitize them about healthy food. It provides outdoor learning experience, extending classroom beyond the walls of the building.

Solar Roof Top

It has been a legacy of Bal Bhavan Public School to establish landmarks and keep providing inspiration to the society around. Well the story extended yet another page in the history of its experiments, when the school decided to take initiative in the field of saving electricity by installing an 80 KW grid connected solar roof system with a performing period of 25 years. It’s an effort to contribute to our environment, a much needed step in the contemporary scenario when the environment is degrading at rapid speed.

The school took help of the expert hands and decided to collaborate with TATA Group for this project, being the winners of National Excellence award 2016, their experience speaks about them. The grid will supply enough electricity during the working hours at school, fulfilling the need completely while at the same time saving electricity at a great expanse. This effort expands the paradigm of creative construction and spirit of endless efforts.

Anti-Fire Cracker Rally 2019

Bal Bhavan Public School had organized an anti-cracker rally. Our young prodigies took upon their shoulders, the responsibility to educate the masses about the ill effects of burning crackers and actively participated in Anti-Fire Cracker Rally. Flagging off the rally, Mr. B.C. Sabata from Ministry of Environment, had addressed the students and said that polluting crackers should not only be avoided but also banned.

He urged children to take the message of not bursting such crackers not only to their families, but also their neighbourhood and adjoining colonies so that this initiative takes the shape of a movement.

Rain Water Harvesting

Harvest Rainwater, Sow the seeds of life Yet another commendable contribution of our school towards mother earth, Harvesting most precious resource on earth, Water. Rainwater harvesting system with total plot area of 15996 sq m. and rooftop top area of 2709.31 sq m is set up in school premises. It has one recharge chamber which can fill more than 50 cubic m of rainwater.

The rainwater harvesting system helps to increase the level of water underground. Rainwater harvesting can be a great educational tool to get people to recognize their individual or household water usage. This can get them to start conserving water in other areas around their home.

#Main Bhi Gandhi Project

In consideration of the recent initiative by Indian government, which began as Fit India movement, the school also contributes through various projects and plans. "Main Bhi Gandhi" is one of such initiative under which, we request and advise parents to restrict their use of plastic and avoid single use plastic. Along with they are guided and suggested to avoid the use of aluminum foils for packing lunch, plastic lunch boxes and bottles, the use of which is not just harmful for individuals but also for the nation and the planet. To overcome the worrisome present situation of waste management in the country, the school is resolute to the disposal of all possible single use plastic from its premises.

The school dustbins are painted green, blue and white. The students are guided for the appropriate disposal of the waste, the food waste in green bin, the non-recyclable waste in blue bin and paper waste in white bin. The school also has a Paper- Recycling- Unit in the premises itself, where students recycle the waste papers to make cardboards, calendars, diaries and paper wraps.