Bal Bhavan Public School Mayur Vihar

Continuous Professional Development

“Practice is the hardest form of learning and training is the essence of transformation”

In order to become a truly great teacher, one must go beyond the textbook. It has been the endeavour of the school to ensure that the faculty is given ample opportunities to grow professionally, enrich their teaching and learning and nurture a collaborative approach to prepare the young minds for the future. Therefore, regular workshops and training programmes are organised for the teachers. The objective is to go beyond the traditional chalk and talk model of content oriented teaching and create space for value oriented experiential learning in classrooms.

Continuous Professional Development

The school believes that unless we empower our mentors, we can't think of carving 21st-century learners. And thus we have been ardently investing in ensuring the professional development of our mentors. Through a well-defined series of CBP's, training sessions with eminent speakers and CBSE resource persons, National and international collaborations with the mentors and educators of various institutions.

We have ensured that our educators remain equipped with the contemporary pedagogical tools and techniques to elevate the level of learning experiences within the classrooms. We have also not compromised at the level of our teacher's mental wellness, in times when the ways of the academic world are changing too fast. We have been constantly organizing mental wellness webinars and stress management workshops with eminent psychologists. All these efforts are being made to acquaint our mentors with the need of the hour while keeping their individuality alive.