School Lab


    Physics lab provides a platform for the aspiring physiciststo seek answers to their inquisitiveness. Encompassing the mysteries of static friction while fighting with the air resistance and twirling in the coils of the magnetic field we aspire our young Newton and Galilei. Furnished with the most advanced apparatus our lab is an ideal place for booming experimentation. The place allows our students to stretch their imagination in developing a perception which could turn itself in such ideas that could be a game changer in terms of the modifying the face of the world.


    Synthesizing the chemical consciousness our chemistry lab is a balanced equation of modern equipment and budding chemists. We provide our students an appropriate environment to scrap their doubts, distill their questions and titrate their curiosities in the test tubes. Our school ensures a safe environment for the students while they deal with the fragile apparatus in the lab and work near the burner with the skilled staff of specialists, including the subject teachers and lab-assistants.


    Germinating the minute intricacies of life to pollinate the inquisitive minds of the students with the seeds of curiosity to explore the world beyond the visibleour biology lab serves an appropriate ambience for the students. Unwinding the thin fabrics of various species we try to develop observant characters. To facilitate unhindered exploration the lab consists of all modern equipment includingPowerful microscopes, permanent slides and large number of fixed and mobile biological models, museum specimen of diverse flora and fauna.


    In order to provide students with the glimpse of the wonders of science and to fuel their scientific aptitude, our integrated science lab is an appropriate junction. The lab is furnished with most modern apparatus catering to the skeptical minds. Fitted with all safety equipment and governed under the skilled hands,the lab is the first exposure of the young scientists to the inquisitive character, experimental precision and intellectual honesty. We diligently attend to individuals to inculcate perseverance and observation in the students.


    Language is that painting brush which can create a canvas of our self. It helps us to define our perception and gain a depth of thought. While this society is fueled with the spark of skilled speakers our school aims upon carving those artists, who could express their thought with intense clarity. Our language lab aims upon developing the compendium of listening, speaking, reading and writing skill in our students. Furnished with an advance audio-visual install, the lab is a platform for the students to interact in an intellectual manner and analyze themselves meaningfully. It is that wonderland where students could experience the wit of Antony, deceit of Cassius and the Valor of Caesar in front of their eyes. The lab provides apt arrangement for the students to present their projects while communicating them with their fellow mates in a manner where they can extrapolate.


    “In a world which is majorly governed on the principles set in virtual world computers serves as a lifeline, it is one of those contemporary skill which enables a student to stand out confidently in the electronically governed society.In order to help our students develop this skill, BalBhavanites haveprovided the students with an apt environment consisting of 1:1 ratio, air-conditioned spacious labs separately for juniors and seniors. The school has provided students with computers of latest configuration fulfilling the need of the hour. While at the same time the team of our skilled computer staff keeps themselves updated with the latest upgrades and software to help our students get hold of the mainstream. Furnished with audio-visuals aids, the lab is made available to the students in a way that it aims uponseeding the foundational grip of the subjects in the students.